Tribute to the 20th anniversary of the founding of Pengzhou Electronics series of activities "in the same boat, carry forward the past, I grow together with the enterprise" theme speech contest was a complete success

Tribute to the 20th anniversary of the founding of Pengzhou Electronics series of activities
In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company and show the 20-year entrepreneurial history and development achievements of Pengzhou Electronics, At the same time, it also creates a platform for the majority of employees to show their talents, encourage the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to work actively and diligently, and promote the company's various tasks to a new level. On the morning of July 15, 2021, a speech contest with the theme of "going through thick and thin, carrying forward the past and opening up the future, I will grow together with the enterprise" was held in the company as scheduled. Company leaders attach great importance to and as a judge to attend this speech activities.

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Warmly congratulate the company won the "high-tech enterprise" certification award!

Warmly congratulate the company won the
On April 15, 2021, on the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company, the company received the "High-tech Enterprise" certification jointly issued by the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, and the Shandong Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. Certificate number: GR202037000832, valid for three years.

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Zhaoyuan Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. Environmental Protection Publicity

Zhaoyuan Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. Environmental Protection Publicity
Unit Name Zhaoyuan Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. Address Zhaoyuan Xinzhuang Town Government Resident Organization Code Certificate 91370685796170020R Legal Representative Zhang Dengzhou Contact Information 8303863 Main Products Impregnated Insulation Paper Annual Output 4200 Tons Main Pollutants 1, Production Wastewater: COD, Ammonia Nitrogen, SS, Implementation Standard COD≤ 60mg/L, Ammonia Nitrogen ≤ 10mg/L, SS≤ 30mg/L;2. Boiler exhaust gas: smoke dust ≤ 30mg/m3, sulfur dioxide ≤ 200mg/m3, nitrogen oxide ≤ 300mg/m3 pollution prevention facilities 1, wastewater: aerobic, precipitation, completed daily treatment of 120m3 sewage treatment; 2. Waste gas: cloth bag and water film dust removal

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Work hard for performance, create profits to win a better future

On August 1, a speech contest with the theme of "creating performance, building brand and striving for benefits" was held as scheduled in the company's training center. The event was organized by the Enterprise Management Department, and a total of 20 contestants were selected from various departments and workshops to participate in the speech contest. Among the contestants, there are front-line workers, team leaders, grass-roots managers, and new employees who have just joined the work. In the course of the speech, the contestants closely follow the theme of "performance is dignity, profit is the future." from different levels and angles, closely combined with the actual work, based on the characteristics of the post, with full enthusiasm, simple language, fresh examples, he gave a sincere and touching speech. The theme of the whole competition was bright, the atmosphere was warm, inspiring and inspiring. The company made concerted efforts to make this speech contest a complete success and achieved the expected results. In this speech contest, employees such as Zhang Songchao of the Equipment Department, Jia Hongxia of the Laboratory, Luan Weixia of the Enterprise Management Department and Jia Chunling of the Suppression Workshop performed outstandingly. Their speeches were clear in theme, rich in content, clear in argument and inspiring. In particular, Zhang Songchao of the equipment department's "Everything starts with being yourself", he stated that "when facing work, change your attitude and find more beauty in your work", "when facing problems, adjust your mentality and meet challenges optimistically and positively" And "improve one's own professional quality, resist bad habits, and spread a positive energy", all listeners are moved, stimulate the strong resonance of the judges and all the staff, the venue burst into warm applause ...... After fierce competition, the equipment department Zhang Songchao won the first prize of this speech contest with an advantage! In this competition, 1 first prize, 3 second prize, 5 third prize and 11 excellent prize were selected by the activity jury. The company decided to reward first prize winner Zhang Songchao with cash 500 yuan and second prize winners Jia Hongxia, Luan Weixia and Jia Chunling with cash 300 yuan each. Five third-prize winners, including Zhao Aihua, will each be awarded cash 200 yuan, and 11 outstanding winners, including Yang Jiangpeng, will each be awarded cash 100 yuan. At the same time, the above winners will be commended in a notice throughout the company. After the competition, Executive Vice President Wang Fuqin delivered a speech. He said that the speech contest was very successful and inspired the surging passion of the majority of cadres and employees to love their jobs, work spontaneously, and be grateful for the true feelings of the company and colleagues. The contestants who hope to be commended should cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, stand firm in the practice of the company's corporate culture, strive to be the propagandist, practitioner and inheritor of the company's corporate culture, and turn the passion of the speech into the driving force of the work. He earnestly hopes that all employees can fully understand the profound cultural connotation of "performance is dignity, profit is the future" through this study and exchange, Take this activity as a new starting point, in the future work with a new mental outlook, the factory will be home, love and dedication, strive for performance of confidence and decision to implement into practical action, the whole company set off to compare, learn, catch up, help, super production boom, strict quality control, boost the company's product quality to a new level ...... Attached: "performance, brand tree, benefit" speech contest winners list of first prize: zhang Songchao Second Prize: Jia Hongxia, Luan Weixia, Jia Chunling Third Prize: Yang Lu, Zhao Aihua, Wang Huimin, Ren Hongguang, Sun Xiuyuan Excellence Award: Ma Lijun, Wang Fuxing, Sun Zhijiang, Yang Jiangpeng, Liu Ping, Zhou Xiuwei, Xu De, Liu Juping, Jiang Hailong, Zhang Yasha, Wang Jinlei



Pass love, ignite hope

On November 4, 2016, Wang Fuqin, executive vice president of Laizhou Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd., entrusted by general manager Zhang Dengzhou, personally handed over the love donation of 25880 yuan to employee Gao Yi, and cordially conveyed the company's concern and condolences to her father.



Pengzhou Zan

Spring is the season of recovery of all things, experienced the baptism of winter, everything and burst out of vitality. As the saying goes, "the plan of a year lies in spring". In this season full of sunshine and vitality, Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. has also sounded the clarion call to improve quality and efficiency and expand production.



Experts and persons in charge of Midea's Life Appliance Division visited our company to inspect and guide the work.

On May 16, 2014, Mr. Liu, a Taiwan expert from Midea, a well-known brand of Chinese household appliances, and manager Yan and purchasing manager Li of the Life Appliance Division, accompanied by Yang Yonggang, vice president of technology of our company, conducted an on-site audit of our company's production and supply capacity and quality assurance capacity, and conducted in-depth communication on the detail control in the product process.



Warmly celebrate our company Wang Fuqin won the Laizhou City "Top Ten Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Model"

On the occasion of the glorious festival of working people all over the world-"May 1st" International Labor Day is approaching, in Laizhou City's "Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Model", "Top Ten Quality Service Model", and "Top Ten" in the initiative of the Laizhou Federation of Trade Unions. "Best Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Model", "Top Ten Professional Ethics Model", "Top Ten Production Technology Model" and "Worker Pioneer" selection activities, our company's equipment minister Wang Fuqin stood out among more than 800 candidates in the city and won the honorary title of "Top Ten Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Model" in Laizhou City!



Representatives of Yantai Municipal People's Congress visited our company to visit the new project

On April 19, 2013, accompanied by the relevant leaders of Zhang Zong and the town government, a total of more than 120 people from the Yantai Municipal People's Congress delegation visited our company's "environmentally friendly high-performance copper clad laminate energy-saving technology transformation project" and fully automatic copper clad laminate production line.



Leaders at all levels of Laizhou came to our company to inspect and guide the work.

On the morning of April 2, 2013, Li Ming, secretary of the Laizhou Municipal Party Committee, led an enterprise observation group organized by the Laizhou Municipal Party Committee. Accompanied by relevant leaders of the town government, they came to our company to inspect and guide the work.