Pass love, ignite hope


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On November 4, 2016, Wang Fuqin, executive vice president of Laizhou Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd., entrusted by general manager Zhang Dengzhou, personally handed over the love donation of 25880 yuan to employee Gao Yi, and cordially conveyed the company's concern and condolences to her father.
Gao Yi, an ordinary batcher in Pengzhou Electronics. She is from Yucheng, Texas. In 2014, because her father's business failed, she lost all the 400 thousands or 500 thousands yuan she borrowed from relatives and friends. At the age of 18, she had to drop out of school and follow her parents to Laizhou to work to pay off debts. The work of suppressing ingredients is not easy for a little girl who has never had physical strength, but she cherishes this job opportunity very much. She never complained and felt tired. She has been working in the position of ingredients for two years. However, just as the family is about to recover and life will soon see the hope of happiness, disaster has come again: in October this year, Gao Yi's father was diagnosed with bile duct cancer. This bad news is a bolt from the blue for this already precarious family! When I borrowed all my relatives and friends at home to collect enough for the operation, I experienced massive intra-abdominal hemorrhage after the operation in Yucheng. I could only transfer to Jinan Qianfoshan Hospital for the second operation. Up to now, I still owe the hospital more than 30,000 yuan. The hospital has issued a reminder to stop the drug. My father, who is lying in the hospital bed and suffering from illness, is facing the threat of drug withdrawal and death!
Han Linfeng, director of Gao Yi's workshop, immediately reported to the company after learning of the incident. In order to help Gao Yi and her family tide over the difficulties and at the same time carry forward the cultural connotation of Pengzhou Electronics, "one side is in trouble, all sides support", he immediately decided to donate 10,000 yuan and issue a donation initiative to all employees. As soon as the initiative was issued, it immediately received a positive response from all employees. For a while, the entire company formed a "sea of love". The employees enthusiastically donated money and expressed their love and care for the unfortunate colleagues and families with practical actions. In just two days, the company received a donation of 15880 yuan from employees......
When Gao Yi was holding the love donation from the company's leaders, she tearful eyes and thanked her repeatedly: It was the company and its colleagues who gave my father the hope of life. On behalf of the whole family, I thank the company and my colleagues.
Life is beautiful, and when saving a life, all the care and help is the manifestation of the most beautiful things in human nature. There is a lyric called "As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world." I pray that Gao Yi's father can overcome the disease and that Gao Yi can overcome all difficulties and hardships and live a safe life......


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