Zhaoyuan Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. Environmental Protection Publicity


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Zhaoyuan Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd.


Government Resident of Xinzhuang Town, Zhaoyuan City

Organization Code Certificate


Legal Representative

Zhang Dengzhou

Contact Information


Main Products

impregnated insulating paper

Annual output


Main Pollutants

1Production wastewater: CODAmmonia nitrogen, SS, the implementation of the standard COD≤ 60mg/L, ammonia nitrogen ≤ 10mg/L, SS≤ 30mg/L;

24. Boiler exhaust gas: smoke dust ≤ 30mg/m3Sulfur Dioxide ≤ 200mg/m3, Nitrogen Oxides ≤ 300mg/m3


pollution prevention facilities

12. Wastewater: aerobic, sedimentation, built-up daily treatment of 120m3Sewage treatment;

2Exhaust gas: bag, water film dust removal



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