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Spring is the season of recovery of all things, experienced the baptism of winter, everything and burst out of vitality. As the saying goes, "the plan of a year lies in spring". In this season full of sunshine and vitality, Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. has also sounded the clarion call to improve quality and efficiency and expand production.
In the 16 years since the establishment of the factory, the company has undergone earth-shaking changes. The spacious and bright office buildings and fully automated dust-free production workshops have all witnessed the company's development from small to large, from weak to strong in the past 16 years. When the company was put into production in 2002, there was only one copper clad laminate production line with a monthly output of 20000 sheets. The equipment was outdated, but we gained a firm foothold in the fierce market competition with our good products and corporate reputation. With the increasing demand of the company's products, in order to improve the product quality and production efficiency, since 2004, we have made a series of technological transformation and equipment renewal of the company's copper clad laminate production line. Now the company's production equipment and process flow have reached the domestic advanced level, and the equipment production capacity has expanded from 200000 pieces per year at the beginning of the factory to 3 million pieces per year now; the annual output value has increased from 20 million yuan in the initial stage of the factory to nearly 0.2 billion yuan now, realizing the transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development of the enterprise.
Product quality is the life of the enterprise! Since the establishment of the factory, we have adhered to the brand promotion strategy, always based on the development and research of environment-friendly high-performance copper clad laminate with high standard, high high quality and high reliability, strictly grasped the quality of the leading variety 22F plate, paid close attention to the management and created the brand, and the product quality ranked among the advanced position in China. In 2006, we became the designated supporting supplier of "Midea" household appliances and created the Pengzhou brand! At the same time, the company has continuously increased its research and development investment in high-performance and high-quality product varieties. In recent years, the company has successfully developed a number of high-quality new process varieties such as high heat-resistant white PZ-22(G)F, 22F high CTI, 22FVO, 23F high CTI, FR-4 and CEM-3. The new process varieties have achieved remarkable results since their market promotion. Due to their high performance and low cost, they are favored by many customers at home and strong market demand.
At the same time of brand cultivation, in order to improve the office environment, the company spent more than one million yuan in 2015 to build a spacious and bright office building. The completion and use of the new office building not only brought about earth-shaking changes in the company's office environment, but also raised the company's corporate image to a whole new height.
Time is running out. Since the company was founded in July 2001, it has gone through 16 years. In the past 16 years, Mr. Zhang has led us step by step, with industrious hands and wise mind, to gradually develop a small private enterprise into a well-known backbone enterprise in Laizhou City! In 2017, in order to further improve quality and efficiency, and strengthen the strength of the company, the company plans to upgrade the old suppression system with full automation. Now it is stepping up the infrastructure construction of the technological transformation project. After the project is put into operation, it will further expand Production capacity, energy saving and consumption reduction, and the annual output value is expected to double. Mr. Wang Guowei, an old friend of our Pengzhou Electronics and an engineer at the Beijing Insulation Monitoring Station, was deeply touched and wrote a poem:
Once a year, Pengzhou is always changing with each passing day.
Scale expansion equipment is good, high-tech products every year.
The spacious and bright office is admirable.
This is what enterprises should do, and there are new changes every year!
Yes, as Mr. Wang Guowei said, the development of Pengzhou Electronics is changing with each passing day, which is encouraging. The reason why the company has today's prosperity is precisely because all our employees are united and forge ahead! Today and tomorrow's Pengzhou is still facing severe market tests and challenges of the times! However, we firmly believe that under the leadership of General Manager Zhang and with the joint efforts of managers at all levels and all employees, we will overcome all difficulties, make Pengzhou products well and refined, and make Pengzhou Company stronger and bigger. If there is a dream, there is a goal. If there is a goal, there is hope. Let's unite and strive to realize our establishment of a family, brand products and high-end market, pengzhou dream of being a well-known enterprise!


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