The core of the company's corporate culture: quality, quality to win; hone in adversity, rise in the competition!

Quality concept

Product quality is the life of an enterprise, not for large scale, but for high quality.

Concept of rule of law

Build a harmonious Pengzhou, mutual respect and love, respect for property, respect for the contract.

Responsibility concept

Create a brand, strive for advanced, responsible enterprises, for the welfare of employees.

Human resource management concept

"Humanized" management and "strict" management organic combination, people-oriented, hard and soft.

Cost concept

Dripping water into a river, accumulating less into more, saving energy and reducing consumption, everyone is responsible for seeking big benefits at a small cost.

Safety concept

Meticulousness is the most reliable security secret. Safety work, only the beginning, no end.

Management concept

To be a coaching leader, one must guide, not lead. To control, not to order, to do 80% of the orders as training.

Concept of honor and disgrace

Factory prosperity I glory, factory decline I shame, the enterprise for my welfare, I contribute to the enterprise, I share the fate with the enterprise.

Business philosophy

Product quality is the life of the enterprise, take the road of unlimited sales.

Quantitative strategy

Either don't do it, if you want to do it, do it advanced, and the market sales are unlimited.

Talent concept

Only talent is the move, the survival of the fittest, everyone is the talent, horse racing is not a horse.

Quality Policy

Adhere to the quality first policy, provide customers with satisfactory products and services, and take the road of quality and efficiency-oriented enterprise development.

spirit of enterprise

Self-improvement, return to society.

enterprise style

Quick response, immediate action.

welfare view

Training is a big welfare, development is a good treatment.

view of doing things

Private enterprises are not private, they seek public affairs with a public mind.


Since heaven gave the talent, let it be employed!, division of labor is a role, work is a stage, and applause comes when it is outstanding.

Company purpose

Only do the industry in the boutique single-minded research and development quality lifelong only for a goal struggle only for your requirements, sincere to forever.