Leaders at all levels of Laizhou came to our company to inspect and guide the work.


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On the morning of April 2, 2013, Li Ming, secretary of the Laizhou Municipal Party Committee, led an enterprise observation group organized by the Laizhou Municipal Party Committee. Accompanied by relevant leaders of the town government, they came to our company to inspect and guide the work.
Under the leadership of Zhang Zong and relevant personnel of the town government, Li Ming, secretary of the municipal party committee, and leaders at all levels of the city visited our company's fully automatic copper clad laminate production line put into production in October 2012, and listened carefully about our company's "environmentally friendly high-performance copper clad laminate" The detailed explanation of the "Technical Transformation Project" was highly praised. Secretary Li Ming pointed out: "Industry is an important pillar of our city's economy and the focus of industrial restructuring. Pengzhou Electronics actively implements the transformation and upgrading project of traditional industries, speeds up the upgrading of products and technologies, transforms and upgrades traditional industries with high-tech and advanced applicable technologies, enhances the ability of new product development and brand creation, strengthens the terminal of the industrial chain, and improves the competitiveness and added value of products, It has played a driving and promoting role in the city's industrial economy, it is worth learning and borrowing. The competent departments at all levels should strengthen the guidance of technological transformation, promote the technological transformation of enterprises to a higher level, and promote structural optimization and upgrading."
Our company is one of the strategic new industrial enterprises of the "8515" project in Yantai City. It is a key unit of the electronic information industry in Laizhou City. The Laizhou Municipal Party Committee and the competent department have always given high attention and support. In order to further improve product quality and reduce production costs, according to market supply and demand trends and the company's long-term development plan, in March 2012, with the care and support of the municipal party committee and competent departments, the company introduced advanced fully automatic copper clad laminate production facilities. The company implemented the construction of the "environmentally friendly high-performance copper clad laminate technical transformation project" at the original site. The environment-friendly high-performance copper clad laminate is our company on the basis of the original PZ-23F board, using the company's R & D center independent research and development of product core technology and production process, focusing on in recent years, PCB environmental protection lead-free welding and SMT automatic processing requirements, research and development of environment-friendly high-performance copper clad laminate. The successful implementation of the technical transformation project will further improve the company's product quality, optimize the product structure, enhance the survival and competitiveness of the company, and lay a solid foundation for the company's sustainable and healthy development.


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