Experts and persons in charge of Midea's Life Appliance Division visited our company to inspect and guide the work.


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On May 16, 2014, Mr. Liu, a Taiwan expert from Midea, a well-known brand of Chinese household appliances, and manager Yan and purchasing manager Li of the Life Appliance Division, accompanied by Yang Yonggang, vice president of technology of our company, conducted an on-site audit of our company's production and supply capacity and quality assurance capacity, and conducted in-depth communication on the detail control in the product process.
Accompanied by Yang Zong, Mr. Liu, an expert from Midea's Life Appliance Division, and his party visited our company's fully automatic copper clad laminate production line and related inspection instruments in the research and development, inspection and laboratory, and inquired about the entire quality control process in detail. Under Yang Zong's explanation, the experts and leaders had a detailed understanding of our company's products from raw material incoming inspection, product manufacturing process to finished product inspection and warehousing, and recognized our company's quality inspection concept of strictly controlling product quality and "converting customer's use conditions into product quality inspection conditions.
After the review, expert Liu and manager Yan of the quality management department of Midea company put forward constructive opinions on how to improve the quality control ability of our company, and suggested that the company's detailed quality management process should be further improved. according to the different key performance requirements of each customer for the products, consideration should be given to introducing some advanced testing equipment to ensure the qualified rate of the products reaching 100 and providing more satisfactory products for the customers; it is also proposed that in the future cooperation, the two sides should further strengthen communication and exchange, and sincerely welcome our company to send people to visit and study in the United States...
As a secondary supplier of Midea, our company adheres to the quality concept of "first-class quality, winning by quality, qualified products are not qualified products, and products that are satisfactory to users are qualified products". We strictly control all aspects of the production process, with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. In 2006, we became the only designated supplier of "Midea" brand furnace appliances and have cooperated so far. At the same time, we also provide designated supporting services for many large electrical appliance companies such as "Sichuan Changhong Electronics", "Opal Lighting", "Shenzhen Topia", "Huizhou Qiaoxing", "Skyworth Group", "Galanz", etc., and the products are in short supply! After years of unremitting struggle and exploration and pursuit, the company has won the trust and reputation of the market with first-class product quality and integrity management, and created the Pengzhou brand!


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