Warmly celebrate our company Wang Fuqin won the Laizhou City "Top Ten Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Model"


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On the occasion of the glorious festival of working people all over the world-"May 1st" International Labor Day is approaching, in Laizhou City's "Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Model", "Top Ten Quality Service Model", and "Top Ten" in the initiative of the Laizhou Federation of Trade Unions. "Best Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Model", "Top Ten Professional Ethics Model", "Top Ten Production Technology Model" and "Worker Pioneer" selection activities, our company's equipment minister Wang Fuqin stood out among more than 800 candidates in the city and won the honorary title of "Top Ten Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Model" in Laizhou City!
Wang Fuqin, who took part in the work in 2002 and has a technical school education, is currently the head of the equipment department of Laizhou Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. When he came to work in the company, he was just an ordinary maintenance electrician, but with his diligence, study hard, and innovation, he made his professional skills increasingly exquisite. Over the past ten years, he has actively organized and participated in scientific and technological innovation projects, done a lot of work in the reform and innovation of energy-saving technology, and achieved good economic benefits; Wang Fuqin has studied technology assiduously, has the courage to innovate, developed and invented a number of utility model projects and organized their implementation, which has achieved remarkable results in actual production. In the past ten years, the innovation and energy-saving technology reform implemented by Wang Fuqin has brought significant economic benefits to the company, and has made outstanding contributions in energy saving and emission reduction, improving product quality, and eliminating potential safety hazards!
Wang Fuqin is an excellent industrial worker in the new era of learning, innovation and full mastery of modern skills. He actively learns new knowledge and assiduously studies new technologies. He not only boldly carries out technological innovation and develops high-strength skills, but also brings out an excellent team with "excellent technology, hard work style, and high efficiency". He has made extraordinary contributions in ordinary positions. "Loyalty and dedication, hard work, pragmatic innovation, courage to open up" is his work standard and lifelong pursuit.
In the increasingly severe market competition, energy conservation and emission reduction is not only the government's advocacy, but also a powerful measure for enterprises to improve their competitiveness. Wang Fuqin has been committed to the systematic research of equipment energy-saving facilities for many years, and has achieved good results. This time, winning the honor of "Top Ten pacesetters of Energy Saving and Emission reduction" in Laizhou City is not only an affirmation of Wang Fuqin's personal efforts, but also an affirmation of the excellent achievements made by Pengzhou Electronics in response to the national call for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection! Under the strong leadership of Mr. Zhang, let us unite as one, work hard and forge ahead, and make greater contributions to the construction of a more brilliant Pengzhou Electronics with more enthusiasm and a more solid work style!


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