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    Harten Tenzen All-Purpose Seasonal, Baptism in the winter and winter, All-out-of-life erecting machine. Mythical theory "One year plan, in spring", This is a product of Kazuwa Kiseki, Kisari, Garusu Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Established in 16 years since the end of the 16th year, the company has been reborn as a territorial cover, and has been transformed by Akira Natsu, a full-automated non-production vehicle, and a non-invisible manufacturing company. At the time of investment in 2002, the company had a monthly output of 20,000, a production line of glazed copper plate, an old equipment, and a well-owned product and company, but it was a quarrel of a fierce market competition. Increasing demand for products produced by adjunct company, high efficiency of high-quality products, efficiency of production, self-started in 2004, self-suffering axe, advance investment, 10 million yuan, completion of production line advancement of production line, technical remodeling Japanese equipment update The company's production equipment and construction process schedule reached the domestic top level, equipment production capacity according to the initial annual production of 200,000, the annual production of 3 million; the annual production of 20 million yuan. Presently close to Yuan Yuan, realized. Corporate conversion-type Extending ceremony exhibition.

    -Product quality and corporate life! Since the time of self-reliance, we have been developing products, promoting products, promoting high standards, high quality, high quality, highly flexible and environmentally friendly high-performance metal plate-like development and research, leading products of 22F plate quality, high quality, high quality management. Luxury products, quality products, quality, domestic position, in 2006, successful “aesthetic” life electrical appliances designated as a trading company, end of production. At the same time, high-performance, high-quality products, high-quality products, high-heat resistance type white PZ-22(G)F, 22F high CTI, 22FVO grade, 23F high CTI, FR-4. In addition, CEM-3 and other high quality and high quality new products, new products since the market was introduced, the effect of writing, the reason for its high performance and low originality, the advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign customers, the demand for the market.

    Established in the same company as the cultivating company, Simultaneous improvement, public environment, 2015, Mata-Chang-Yi million, Yu Xian Jianling, Akira Liang, a new public building, a new public building, a private public environment development Completed a corporate enterprise model.

    Togitsu , corp.July 2001 July Established Now, I have already passed 16 spring and autumn, 16 years since, 1st stamp, scholarship, double-handed, swordless, military-employed, shoichi 1 small and small private enterprise. Zhenjiang Development Exhibition Laizhou City's famous bone drying company! 2017, Improve the progress of the movement, increase the strength of the enterprise, control the public corporation, update the control system, update the system, replace all the automated functions, and improve the existing tactics, the basic construction work, after the introduction of the item, the general movement of the promotion. Productivity, ablation, wear, annual total production. Opponents: We are an old electronic friend, Beijing high-quality materials, high-quality materials, high-quality manufacturing process

    Once a year, see Suzhou and Nisshingetsu.

    Large-scale equipment, high-new product year-round.

    screaming apology.

    Corporate business response, new year change!

    ㆌ, commentary by Mr. Shojou Kunio, Dr. Niitsuki Tsukuda, Reiko Shinkan. Today's business steaming Niijo, corrective cause, I am the whole staff, up and down, all together! Now Tenwa Ming Tenshi Pasu, still face-to-face market consideration, time-honored challenge! However, under the guidance of Tadashi Nobunobu, under the supervision of existing people, under the joint efforts of all the local managers and general staff, and overcoming difficulties in overcoming certain meetings of us, Yu Yui Goal Goal,Yo Goal Got Hope,Song Weird Consensus,Efforts Realized We Established Building Business, Fashion Products, Shinko Edge Market, Confidential Corporate Confidence!