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    love, hope for burning

    love, hope for burning

    Release time:

    November 4, 2016, Laizhou Pingzhou Electronic Co., Ltd. Managing Deputy Vice President Wu Feng Qian Jian Sheng Rong-seo, under the control of the Suzhou, the general contractor 25880, the completion of the contract, the high-priced contract, the parallel conversion company Japanese tour.

    Takataka, normal charge servicing worker by zusu electronic. Dezhou Yucheng, In 2014, the cause of the loss of his father, the loss of  Friendly 450,000 yuan, 18 years old. Pressed distribution work against the non-existing physical strength of the elder daughter, but not at the same time, but not at the same time. Immediately rehabilitated, rehabilitation of life, employment status, welfare, hopeful weather, reoccurrence reoccurrence: October of this year, high-priority father-related cancer, this  vulnerable family Fine weather hail! This borrowed family's welfare family friendship, surgical operation, discontinuation of the operation of the castle, post-transitional major bleeding in the abdominal cavity, second-hand operation of advancing to the Nansen Foshan Clinic Manta Luo, Clinic, Inferior Notice of Suspension of Sustainability, Infant's illness on the floor, Mamorima's father, stoppage and death death threat!

    Takaki-san's chief of vehicle, Mr. Kobayashi Minoru, after this, Mr. Umagami Kouji, Inc., transmissioning family traversal, same-time Hiroki Yasuko's "one-sided, Happo support" cultural inside, Established 10,000 10,000 yuan, and is responsible for the development of the entire industry.“lovely ocean”,  formal activities, short-term love and short-term relationship. Heavenly time, employment of the company, technician love, 15880 yuan……

    Uncariae Atsushite Sasagechaku Ltd. specific  Mebaba road Xie: Shi, Ltd. Koji Kazu same thing  We  endogenous hope, our representative all Iejin  Ltd., 

    Life is a life-like, metaphysical one-at-a-lifetime, owning, relationship-related, giving, assisting, renewing, personality, most beautiful, Tozai, Akira, “This is a singing song”, “One point dedicated to a dignitary” Prayer high-spirited father-in-law ability and sickness illness, prayer high-spirited ability overcoming all difficulties, poverty, lifetime peace...