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    Effort work competition first-class business, Sozo Yoshiyoshi future

    Effort work competition first-class business, Sozo Yoshiyoshi future

    Release time:

    On August 1st, the main theme was "business, quality, and profits". This time, the activities of the Yuki Management Department, the members of each department, the inter-vehicle co-selection, and the participation of 20 athletes.

    Participation player, Yuichi Line work, Team leader, Baseline manager, Recruiting participation work Perpetual new work, Presenting in progress, Each participant's work, “Future work, Relief future” This one subject, independent Layer, non-uniform angle, tight-binding operation, standing foot, special traits, practical passion, simple language, lively case, progress emotional feeling, movement-like choreography, categorical ratio, provocative, inspirational, emotional. Progress. Co., Ltd. up and down, heartbeat, next performance, success, success, final effect.

    Honshu performance, Komatsu Matsuzo, equipment department, Kou Kasumi, Kasane Osamu Hou, Kasukabe Shizuka, Koushun Kouen, etc. Yimatsu Equipment Department Yasumatsu Super 《All independently  Self-start》, other place descriptive “when face-to-face work, change degree of change, multi-generation development work-like beauty”, “face-to-face problem time, adjustment heartbeat, sword hunting” After that, “Hong Kong's own occupational occupation, unfavorable deficiency of wind, gassing, and seeding ability”, etc., pointlessness, immobility, brilliant development, all-encompassing, collaborative explosives, on-site exploding blazing. , Equipment Department, Niimatsu super-opposite, Favored, completed, next lecture, first name!

    Honji Bijo, Economic Activity Committee's local reputation, co-evaluation 1st class, 1st class 3rd, 3rd class 5th, 5th class 11th, 11 excellent class. Koji Co., Ltd., 1st class  Obtainer Yamamatsu Super 500 yuan, Opposite 2nd class  Obtainers Gong Hong-Hu, Shun Lai, Gan Chun-Ling each Hyundai 300 yuan; Eleven excellent excellence winners, each prize money 100 yuan, at the same time, at the same time, more than the opponents.

    After the tie-up, the executive vice-deputy Wang Fu Fuqian's development chart, other theories, this next lecture, the lecture, the success of the biography, the successful development, the large-scale dry restaurant, the engineering, the respectful passion, the self-motivated crafts passion, the same affectionate priest. Hope and acceptance commendation, participation, honorable participation, reunion, encouragement, corporate culture neutral demonstration, effort corporation corporate culture proclaimer, practitioner, sovereign, demonstrative passionate optimism ;Other passionate desire for all employees Passing through this learning and learning exchange, Noh, fully understanding of “working employment, respect, future of future” Serious culture inside, grasping the next activity, new starting point, all-new spiritual aspect during work from now on, Shojikuya, love, respect, controversial loyalty, peace and declining, actual behavior, abandoned, Zhenjiang, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, supernatural production, tide Product quality renewed new platform...

      Attached:“Business performance, product tile, competitive advantage "Lecture ratio 
      First class:Zhangsongchao
      Second class:Jiahongxia Lanweixia Jiachunling
      Third class:Yanglu Zhaoaihua Wanghuimin Renhngguang Sunxiuyuan
      Excellence:Malijun Wangfuxing Sunzhijiang Yangjiangpeng Liuping Zhouxiuwei Xude Liujuping Jianghailong Zhangyasha Wangjinlei
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