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    2019-10-15 11:06:00
    Announcement of environmental protection
    Invitation Psu Electronic Co., Ltd.
    2018-08-07 10:40:00
    Effort work competition first-class business, Sozo Yoshiyoshi future
    On August 1st, the main theme was "business, quality, and profits". This time, the activities of the Yuki Management Department, the members of each department, the inter-vehicle co-selection, and the participation of 20 athletes.
    2017-03-28 10:39:00
    Harten Tenzen All-Purpose Seasonal, Baptism in the winter and winter, All-out-of-life erecting machine. Mythical theory "One year plan, in spring", This is a product of Kazuwa Kiseki, Kisari, Garusu Electronics Co., Ltd.
    2017-11-08 10:38:00
    love, hope for burning
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