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    Aesthetics Co., Ltd., Consumer Electronics Business Department, Home & Sales Co., Ltd.

    Aesthetics Co., Ltd., Consumer Electronics Business Department, Home & Sales Co., Ltd.

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      May 16, 2014, China National Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., Taiwanese family professor, Consumer Electronics & Industrial Parts Quality Management, 臇购 LI 資, 耇杨 永永唚 蔪 蔻杨 永剚 蔪下下、 , Progress of quality assurance ability, field nuclear, concurrent product system, progress of detailed control of intermediate products, deep and continuous exchange.
      by Dr. Kazada, a member of the Consumer Electronics Division, Aesthetics Co., Ltd. Attendance of the company, fully automatic automatic production board production line, development, sewage, chemical reaction, sewage equipment, concurrency control. Under the current policy, each and every one of the households, our company's products, the raw material, the raw material, the product's direct product, the detailed understanding of the product's progress, the quality of the product, and the general condition of use of the product. It is possible to display the "quality and quality condition" specific quality and philosophy.
    After concluding the agreement, the aesthetic company, the quality control department, the quality management department, and the quality management department, and the quality control department, the submission of the direction of the quality control, the construction company's intention, the refinement of the quality control flow of the construction company, and the policy of each customer are not focused. Performance requirement, consideration re-advancement, a little more advanced measurement equipment, 100% success rate of delivery of products and products for guarantee, improvement of products offered by customers, cooperation with both parties, progress of mutual cooperation, mutual progress, mutual progress, concurrent communication. Ganjin Aesthetics Company Visiting School...

    My company is a beautiful company, a second-tier business, and a product that is "quality first-class, quality-acquisition, board-acceptable product, unacceptable product, purpose-made product, product-passive product", mass philosophy, quality control, production process Each individual environment, soft and hard product quality, perfection after-sales service, published in 2006. “Aesthetic” product, furnace, furnace, electrical, electrical, and electrical equipment. At the same time, we provided a large number of large electric appliances companies such as “Sichuan Changhong Electronics”, “European Lighting”, “Shenzhen Junkuni”, “Huizhou ”,  etc. In pursuit of exploration in the past decades, unprecedented quality and quality of this company.