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    The enthusiastic congratulatory company Wu Fu Fu Qi Lai Laizhou City

    The enthusiastic congratulatory company Wu Fu Fu Qi Lai Laizhou City

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    People's Liberal Light Day in the World——“51” International Movement, Laizhou City, Yizhou City Industry Association's Established Laizhou City, “Tenka Science and Technology New Standard Soldier”, “Tenjia Superior Service Military”, “Tenth” KAJI NO LITTLE BATTERY, "JUKA BUSINESS WAY DESIGNER", "JUKA PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY LABOR" and "WORKER FORWARD ENGINEERING", active, KAOJI equipment department general manager, 800 cities in all cities, dismissed, state. City's "Tenjia Noh Shunbei" honorary title!

    Wang Fu Qin, work participation in 2002, technical school culture degree, current head of the equipment department of Laizhou Electronic Electronic Co., Ltd. At the time of the other company's participation work, only one person is a regular repairing electrician, but Tadashi Kyouto is a self-employed scholarship student, Kinkaku Ken, Yu Yushun Xin, he is a self-employed professional technology technician. Over the past 10 years, other new and advanced organizations, new technology, new technology, existing technology and technology reforms, a large amount of work, successful acquisition, successful acquisition, Wang Fu, research and innovation, new innovation, research Implementation, actual production by Zhongsei Kang. Since 10 years, Wang Fu Fei real new innovation and technical technology reforms, limited and effective, effective financial performance, effective energy consumption, high production quality, elimination and safety, and prominent contributions!

    Wang Fu Qi, 1st place learning type, new model, well grasped, modern and technically superior industrial workers. Other knowledge and knowledge, new knowledge, new technology, indiscriminate self-progressive technology, new completion, strong completion, complete reduction, "technical skill, hard work, high efficiency" excellent superiority, ordinary position Completed production Unusual contribution. "Cultural loyalty, hard work, new business, new development of courage".

    ▽ Currently in the market competition, the profitability is sharp, and the governmental guidance, and the company's self-conflict and powerful measures are taken. Wang Fu Feng, a multi-year research and development system, systematic research, acquisition of parallels.