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    New items from the Yantai City representative

    New items from the Yantai City representative

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    April 19, 2013, under the guidance of the government relations with the government of Zhejiang, Yidai City University representative, Mr. Yasuhiro Kamadai, 120 or more people visited the company, "Environment-friendly high-performance high-performance copper plate technology technology remodeling item".

    National、Development Cycle Transfer, Protective Environment, Enhancer Effect, 2013 My company is sufficient, on the basis of the previous working model, submit "Environmental and high performance cover plate technology remodeling" item Functional equipment, advanced production technology for use, opposite raw material production line development, full-scale functional technology remodeling, advanced production quality, advanced production quality, significantly advanced production, high-specialty products, increased production enterprise flexibility, increased production enterprise Competitiveness.

    After the item has been established, it is possible to remove it. Existing capacity, soot resource, also use effective capacity source, simultaneous activation large gas environment avoidance environment, environmental benefit, favorable national economic health promotion development, development complete and positive social benefit, full physical performance, social contribution. ,“ Corporate culture.