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    Laizhou City Leading Guidance Co., Ltd.

    Laizhou City Leading Guidance Co., Ltd.

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    In the early afternoon of April 2, 2013, Laizhou City Commissioner Li Ming Zhou, Laizhou City Commissioner, an independent enterprise, 100 people from the government, a government-affiliated government-affiliated company, and a command-guided construction company.

    Residents of the Government of the Republic of Korea, under the influence of the government officials, Li Ming and the City Commissioner's guide to participation in all the classes, October 2012 2012 "Technical reform item" detailed discussion, parallel pre-completion advanced certification. LI Ming Written Indication: “Industrial importance of business transaction, important adjustment of production industry structure, Pingzhou electronic structure, industrial and industrial remodeling process, high quality new technology and advanced technology and advanced technology modification proposal. Industry, increased new product development ability Japanese product development ability, equired technology modification, promotion enterprise technology modification level, promotion structure improvement.

    My company, “8515” process schedulability, new industrial enterprise No. 1, Shirai city electronic and electronic industry priority single place, Laizhou city commissioned chief executive Shunichi directly advanced advanced relation support. High-quality products, low-production products, Negian market offerings, Kazumoto Co., Ltd. Long-term development regulation, March 2012, under the support of the city's delegation of management, and the promotion of the company. Completed the original construction of "Environment-friendly high-performance girder plate technology modification". The environmentally-friendly high-performance cover plate Koga Co., Ltd. Yuzuru Yui PZ-23F On the plate base, for the purpose of research, institute for development of the company, independent research and development, product development, core technology, Japanese technology, industrial manufacturing, priority policy Demand, research development, environmental protection type high performance gallboard. Successful implementation of the technique, success and development of high-quality products, high-quality product structure, increased product competitiveness, ability to compete for competitive survival and competitiveness, basic development of health and development.