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    Corporate Culture


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    The core of the corporate culture of the company: quality first, survive on quality; temper in the adversity, rise in the competition!
    1. Quality Concept: the product quality is the life of the enterprise, not seeking the largest scale, but the highest quality.
    2. Law Concept: build harmonious Pengzhou, mutual respect and mutual love, respect the property, respect the contract.
    3. Responsibility Concept: build the brand, struggle for first class, be a responsible enterprise, make welfare for staff.
    4. Human Resources Management Concept: "humane" management combines with "strict management, people-oriented, combine hardness with softness.
    5. Cost Concept: Many drops of make an ocean. Many a little make a mickle, saving energy and cost reducing is everyone's responsibility, make the maximum benefit at minimum cost.
    6. Security Concept: meticulosity is most reliable security secret. Security is only a starting point, not the end.
    7. Management Philosophy: coaching leader, guide the employees, not lead the employees; control, not to command, 80% of the command as training.
    8. Honor Concept: prosperous factory is my honor, declined factory is my shame, corporate makes welfare for me, I make contributions to the enterprise, I have the same fate with the enterprise.
    9. Business Philosophy: the product quality is the life of the enterprise, sales is an unlimited road.
    10. Quantization Strategy: do the job best or quit, the market sales is infinite.
    11. Talent Concept: make full use of the talent, select the superior and eliminate the inferior
    12. Quality Policy: insist on the principle of quality first, provide the users with satisfactory products and services, take the path of quality and efficient enterprise development.
    13. Spirit of the Enterprise: improve oneself, return the society.
    14. Corporate Style: rapid response, immediate action.
    15. Welfare value: training is the biggest welfare, development is the best treatment.
    16. Doing things value: the private enterprise is not selfish, seeking official business with public mind.
    17. Values: The heaven entrusts with my ability is inevitably useful. The division of labor is a role, work is a stage, well, applause is excellence.
    18. Company Aims: only make boutique in the industry
    Research and develop quality devotedly
    Life-long struggle for a target
    Only for your pursuit, be sincere forever.
    Corporate Culture:
    To all the staff:
    ● Decade’s hardships in the world could be exchanged for an occasion while they travel on ship. Century’s tribulations on earth could be in return for the marriage of the two. We work together, we have five centuries predestined relationship, may we cherish the fraternity.
    ● We have three questions in our lives: 1. What did I do 2. How to do it 3. Why I do it
    - Work, being cheerful, being happy,
    ● Cultivate one’s mind: selfless, altruistic, giving, harmonious and happy
    Self cultivation: not glad on getting something, not sad on losing something, know aboveboard virtue, love your family, strive for perfection
    Cultivate one’s characteristics: The highest good is like water. Great virtue carries all things
    Cultivate one’s realm: Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you.
    It’s a delight to have friends coming from afar.- People with honesty can have good fortune, people with integrity can establish great business
    Corporate Culture:
    Cherish Good Fortune
    Besides breathing, we have a lot of things, including life, property, etc., while the relationship between people, that is, interpersonal relationships, is also what you have, you also have all resources, including knowledge resources, health resources, natural resources, social resources, etc. Cherish but not waste, and spoil, in particular, not spoil your body, not to harm the reputation, character, and even philosophy, ideals, which is cherish good fortune.
    Cherish Fate
    We’ll get along with a lot of people, go through a lot of things, feel a lot of the moments and spend a lot of time in our lives. Each brief moment is a beautiful picture; each piece of long life is a wonderful story.
    Life is always like a dream, it has been in the past and become increasingly blurred when you aftertaste it, leaving us with endless sadness and regret. Let’s cherish what we have and cherish our predestined love so as not to leave too much regret in our lives!
    Tolerance does not mean weakness, but purifies the world with love, it never means to shied away with tears in my eyes. Tolerance is not the weights at one end of the balance, is not being busy to maintain the balance which is broken constantly, but the eternal love and being loved in this world. Learn to be tolerant, friends forgive each other must be in the same boat for a century, couples forgive each other must be together for a thousand years; tolerant world must be peaceful and beautiful.
    ● You will sweat as so much as how much motivation you have, you will contribute to as so much wisdom as how much knowledge you have; please leave your job now if you have neither of them;
    ● Results today is the reason yesterday, results tomorrow is the reason today!
    ● “Still waters run deep” is not playing the fool, but is the grace, the connotation, the refining of morality and noble wisdom.
    ● Learn to enjoy setbacks: the difficulty is the best teacher, you’ll master the victory if you overcome it.
    ● It is not money exchanges between people, and not relies on the love to maintain, friendliness and feeling will not reach its peak, it is a sentiment and the intersection of hearts, is the sensemaking.
    ● Conscience is the necessity in one’s life, complain and hate are the last things we need, we cannot be disgraced and lack confidence.
    ● The reason why the human is “人” in Chinese character is because of the support between the left-falling stroke and the right-falling stroke, otherwise it will fall down.
    ● There is too much confusion and discontent, though the material wealth has been increased, it is because we see two much the outside world but too little our heart and soul.
    ● You will stand on the highest point of life when you understand how to treasure the past, satisfy with you life now and be optimistic about the future, you will stand on the highest point of life when you can face the success and failure calmly and wateriness cannot be "drowned".